About Us

Behind the Scenes at Journey The Way

Journey the Way’s Vision is to





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The gospel speaks into this vision by creating three main priorities for us:

  • We love God as worshippers of His.
  • We love others by being in community with them.
  • God turns the world upside down as we engage in His mission to the lost.

What we believe

Journey The Way stands with the larger, universal body of Christ in affirming the core tenants of orthodox Christianity listed in our statement of faith. Along with our confession of belief, we hold to five distinctive doctrines that give shape to our methodology and practice as a church. These distinctives are consistent with and adapted from the Doctrinal Distinctives of the Acts 29 Network.

Journey The Way is led by gifted men and women who have been called by Christ to use their gifts for the leadership of the body. The organizational structure of Journey the Way is a church led by a plurality of elders and served by a team of directors to carry out the mission of loving God, loving people, and turning the world upside down.

Who we are

How we partner

Journey The Way exists as a church to plant other churches and shares a particular theological and philosophical vision for church planting with the Acts 29 Network. We partner with A29 to see churches planted in Kansas, the US, and all over the world.

As well as planting churches that plant churches and training leaders, Journey The Way works in collaboration with the Southern Baptist Convention, particularly the Heart of Kansas Baptist Association, to advance the gospel within our city through church planting, evangelism, and ministry.