Blog – Week 2 – Titus 1:5-16

The parts of our life that people cannot see are often the parts of our life that are most critical to our growth in Christ. Character matters because what people see on the outside is often a very small reflection of what is happening in those spaces. As believers, if we are unwilling to bring to light the things that are inhibiting us from growth in Christ, or we are unwilling to allow the Holy Spirit to grow us in character, we tend to become stagnant and even regressive in our spiritual growth patterns. God wants us to continue to grow in relationship with Him towards Christ-likeness. He desires that we would bring all things into the light and allow other believers to speak into sin areas. He wants us to confess apathy and lethargy as it relates to our spiritual growth.

In Titus 1, Paul calls for elders to live the attributes that are described. He doesn’t call them to live these attributes perfectly, but in a patterned way in their life. Paul is clear with Titus that he needs to appoint elders in each of the churches that he has planted and it’s one of the very first things that needed to happen. Leadership is necessary for the church to thrive. Where there is strong eldership with light shining on each part of the life of each elder, there is a healthy and sustainable church. Where there is eldership that has either stagnated in their growth or where there is sin, there is fragility and weakness in the local church.

Growing believers are also necessary for the church to thrive. The positive attributes of a growing believer are the same as the attributes that Paul says are necessary for an elder to possess in a patterned way. For those of us that are not elders, but desire to be growing believers, we also need to allow the Holy Spirit to bring into the light that things in our lives that need to be refined, that need to be made new, and that need God’s hand to redirect. Whether that is addiction, pride, arrogance, violence and temper, or whether we are simply stagnated in our spiritual growth and not leading our family well because of it, we need the people of God and God’s Spirit to be at work in our lives.

May we, at Journey the Way Church, be people of God that allow the Spirit of God to do a great work in the unseen spaces in our lives.