This last Sunday we focused in on the Benediction. We always do some sort of Benediction or Sending, but it is not always a written and intentional reading. Most Sundays I will encourage and exhort the body as the Spirit leads and send everyone out. The benediction reading below was written specifically to follow this Sunday’s message and to send us out with the passage in mind.

Father, as we go from here, may the Holy Spirit guide us to worship You through obedience.

May that obedience lead to mission in which the goal is to bring You glory by seeing lives changed by the name of Jesus.

You have called us to that mission. May we answer that call with obedience by proclaiming the gospel to those you have put in our lives.

This benediction tied in directly with the message, and if you missed the sermon or need a refresher you can watch it HERE.  I was also reminded of a quote from our current Men’s Study of the book Disciple by Bill Clem in which he directly quoted Harold Best who wrote Unceasing Worship.

“Worship is as much about how we live un-gathered as it is the services in which we gather. ‘We do not go to church to worship. But as continuing worshipers, we gather ourselves together to continue our worship, but now in the company of brothers and sisters.'”

As you think and pray on that truth of how and when we are to worship as Christians, let the passage and sermon from this week continue to mold and shape your thinking on this.