Rest is such a foreign concept to us. Whenever someone asks us how we are doing we tend to say “busy”, but what if we were able to say the word “rested” instead? Scripture profoundly speaks to rest in this way. Here are some thoughts as it relates to Mark 2 and Matthew 11 on rest.

We should Rest Corporately
· Let God do what he does. We cannot do what God does.
· Don’t overcomplicate things. It’s really just all about Jesus’ glory!
· Trust his leading in all things as a church.
· When we rest, we will find ourselves in a season of incredible joy in Jesus.
· Lets take a collective sigh together.
We should Rest Individually
· Resting reorients our view of relationships. We stop seeing people as commodities and begin to see them as Jesus sees them.
· We show our arrogance when we don’t enjoy a Sabbath. We think WE need to be working or it will not happen. Not true. God needs to show up and do what only he can do!
· When is the day that you disconnect?

May we be people marked by resting and waiting for God to do what only he can do!