Song List:
The Lion & The Lamb
Nothing But The Blood (Austin Stone)
Be Lifted Up
House of God Forever (PAGE CXVI)
Praise the Name (Anastasis)

Corporate Reading:
Before whom angels bow and
archangels veil their faces,
enable me to serve thee with
reverence and godly fear.
Thou who art Spirit and requirest
truth in the inward parts,

help me to worship thee in spirit and
in truth. Thou who art righteous,
let me not harbour sin in my heart,
or indulge a worldly temper,
or seek satisfaction in things that perish.
I hasten towards an hour
when earthly pursuits and possessions
will appear vain,

when it will be indifferent whether I have been
rich or poor, successful or disappointed,
admired or despised. But it will be of eternal
moment that I have mourned for sin,
hungered and thirsted after righteousness,

loved the Lord Jesus in sincerity,
gloried in his cross.
May these objects engross my chief solicitude!
Produce in me those principles and dispositions
that make thy service perfect freedom.

Expel from my mind all sinful fear and shame,
so that with firmness and courage I may
confess the Redeemer before men,
go forth with him bearing his reproach,
be zealous with his knowledge,
be filled with his wisdom,

walk with his circumspection,
ask counsel of him in all things,
repair to the Scriptures for his orders,
stay my mind on his peace,
knowing that nothing can befall me
without his permission, appointment
and administration.