As we prepare for worship this Sunday, I’d like to take a moment to highlight a new song to Journey The Way. We introduced this last week in the second service, and I believe it was and is a powerful proclamation of who God is and what He has done. Check out these lyrics in the chorus.

The first time through the chorus there’s a feel of anticipation as the band quiets down and builds up. As we build, we proclaim who God is and what He has done. He is a mighty warrior (Isaiah 42:13). He goes before us (Deut. 31:8). He is on our side! (Romans 8:31) These truths are vital to who we are as Christians. We don’t serve a weak God; we serve a mighty God. We don’t serve a God who expects us to do all the work; we serve a God who goes before us and directs our paths. We don’t serve a God who shakes His head at us when we sin. We serve a God who is on our side and loves us as His adopted children. Let that all sink in. It’s incredible to think about, especially when you realize that we are not worthy of any of it.

While we are not worthy of it, Christ is worthy and being found in Christ we are free to worship Him. This lyric leading in to the chorus highlights that.

There is no need for us to fear in the midst of storms and rising seas because Jesus stands in victory (1 Cor. 15:57). As we live in the light of Jesus, we cast aside our shame (Romans 8:1). There is no need to wallow in our sin or guilt, for He has made us FREE to glorify His name (Galatians 5:1).

As Christians we often tend to stay in a “woe is me” state or think that we are “not good enough” to worship freely. The truth is that IN CHRIST we have been made new and set free! Yes, we need to confess and repent of our sin, but part of our repenting is freely running to Jesus.

One of the biggest things that God has done in my life is to bring me to worship Him quickly. He has taught me that because of who He is, what Christ has done, and having the Holy Spirit within me, I can be convicted of sin, confess, repent, and get right back on stage to worship him and lead others in worship on a Sunday morning.

As you prepare for worship this Sunday, take time to rest in the knowledge and the grace of Jesus Christ, who He is. and what He has done. Come ready to freely worship our great God, who is a mighty warrior, who goes before us, and who is on our side!