The weeks after Christmas leading into the lent season can often feel like a stall out in the rhythm of the church calendar. To what shall we lend our focus to? The New Year and its frequently unmet resolutions certainly often leave us unsatisfied in fulfilling the excitment felt during Christmas. Instead, Epiphany is a special time in the rhyhtm of the church’s life that can bring more overtones to what we have experienced during Advent. 

The word Epiphany in Greek means “manifestation or appearance.” It’s a brief season in the church calendar starting from Christmas until January 6. Historically, it beckons us to the revelation of Christ as experienced by the Magi. And more than that, it’s a great launching point for us to cast our gaze further into seeing Jesus revealed to all the world. Just as He humbly and boldy broke into our world, we are called to similarly break into the worlds we inhabit daily with the revelation of the Gospel. 

During this next week of Epiphany, may we all be awakened and more aware of the power of Christ dwelling and manifesting himself in our world. He is eager to reveal himself through us no matter how unspectacular it may appear to those we live amongst daily. Maybe it’s an ear you lend to a co-worker or reimagining your schedule to make space to serve your neighbors. Whatever it is, watch where these opportunities go with prayer. Remember, the birth of Christ happened within an unspectacular setting–a manger for animals. What a great example of the humility we are also to have in incarnating ourselves into the lives of those around us who need Jesus. Be aware of how God is asking you to reveal himself during Epiphany and pray for great revelation and awe, just as the Wise Men experienced at the foot of a simple stable. 

 For further scriptural relfections to center us in this week of Epiphany, try resting in the following this week:

Psalm 72, Matthew 2:1-12, Ephesians 3:1-12

For musical reflections, check out this free collection of streaming Epiphany songs curated by Cardiphonia, an online community of Worship Pastors/Leaders from whom our church resources a lot of liturgical and musical influence.